Customers should pay attention

Usage rules

These are the rules relating to the use of the service on Users are required to comply with these regulations when registering and after registering.

Change the rules

We can change the rules according to our website policies. When we make a change, we will post a version to, the modified version will be effective at the time of posting. After the change, if the customer uses the services of, we assume that the customer has accepted all the new regulations.

Use the service

User registered account and initial service on is the person who registered to use the service in accordance with the provisions of, and we accept that registration.

Order, shipping, payment

After consulting the services, you can contact by phone, email to order. The delivery and payment is done directly in cash or or send the product via your address, email and transfer to the following account for payment:
Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)
Account holder: NGUYỄN TƯỜNG LAM
Branch office: Long An
Account number: 0071003501292

Information manage

After handing over the service management parameters to the user, is not responsible and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information after user managed service is provided. shall not be liable or responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, special, invisible, loss of profits, Credits arising from the use of products or services of

Suspend service provision reserves the right to discontinue the service without refunding any costs in the following circumstances:

  • Users use the website for any purposes / forms that violate the laws of Vietnam, put the software copyright issues, songs …
  • User submits, creates links or transshipes for data that is illegal, threatening, deceptive, hateful, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise offensive. Vietnamese laws prohibit others in any way.
  • The user stores or disseminates any data that constitutes or encourages criminal practices or data that violates patent law, trademark, design rights, copyright or any other proprietary rights. intelligence or authority of any individual.
  • Users use website to sabotage another website.
  • Users use programs that can clog up or slow down the system, such as draining system resources, overloading microprocessors and memory.
  • Users use the website or their account to gain unauthorized access to other websites or to influence other customers.
  • Users do not pay the costs on time.

Admin account management

The user securely keeps all identifiable information, passwords or other information related to his / her account and immediately informs when he or she detects unauthorized access. Your account or security vulnerabilities, including the loss, theft or disclosure of password information and other confidential information.

For Domain Admins, Hosting, Email Accounts

Users must keep their identities, passwords, or other information secure. These accounts provided by third parties may not be recoverable if lost and will not be responsible in this case. However, will support as much as possible.

Use Email

Users are solely responsible for the content of Emails sent from the mailboxes of their account.

Regulations on website footer

The website after completion and delivery to customers are confirmed by the words “Web design by” with a link to homepage at the footer Website. Similar to the warranty stamp for other products, this confirms the responsibility of as well as guarantees the use of after-sales support services for the Website.

Responsibility when suspending service will refund money in case of non-supply due to termination and service agreement has not been completed.

Dispute resolution, applicable law

In the process of using the dispute between the user and our website, the two parties will negotiate with the spirit of friendship. In cases where it can not be resolved by conciliation, it shall be brought to the court for settlement in accordance with Vietnamese law.

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