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Importance of information systems

Information systems are systems that act as information infrastructures that provides data analytics, reports, and graphs. These may be displayed through tools like dashboards and blogs. Also, this type of technology allows people and businesses to create a network and share ideas via the internet.

Functions of information technology

Data capture: This is the process of compiling information. For example, electronic commerce companies like AMAZON.COM use internet cookies to capture data about a customer’s purchases via their website. So in this case, they use this data to suggest items to a user related to their previous orders via their website. Also uses internet cookies to monitor websites and content we search for online, then they use that data to suggest adverts tailored basing on our interests. Many online companies are using internet cookies to capture data as a way on increasing their sales and improve on their service because this data is used to tailor services basing on users needs.
Data Processing: This involves converting, analyzing, computing and producing all forms of data, information. After capturing data, the system must re-organize that data basing on what the organization wants to use that information for. For example, when an e-commerce website captures data about your previous purchases via their website. Their system can organize that data inform of prices, products of interest, categories of interest, period of purchase etc , and this data will be used next time when a user goes back to that e-store to suggest relevant products.
Generation of Information: This involves organizing information into a useful form.
Storage of information: This involves retaining information for future use. The best example is ‘‘” This is a social network which connects people, but upon registering with the network , the user will provide their interests , profession , background information like former college , etc…. Then facebook will use this information to suggest friends to that user. The other trick is that Facebook will still use the same information when suggesting Adverts to this user. On their platform, advertisers can tailor adverts basing on users interests, location and sex. All this data is provided by the user upon registration.
Retrieval of Information: It is process by which a computer device is used to find and copy data for further distribution and processing. A good example on this is a ”Search Engine like Google , Bing , Yahoo ” these companies have data centers which store information which can be used at a latter stage by the end user who will be searching for information online. They have robots which crawl and find information on website servers, this information is indexed and cached on data centers. So at a latter stage, users of search engines like Google will query this stored data to process information they desire.

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